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Tips for Waterproofing Finished Basements

The perfect basement remodeling project includes a lot of preparation including a waterproofing system to avoid future water problems.
Although finished basements can be waterproofed after the finished walls and carpeting are already installed, it is much easier and less expensive to do before the remodeling project has begun.

Considering that 85% of all basements will eventually experience some type of water problem during its lifetime, chances are pretty high that you will have a problem too.
When water enters a remodeled basement, it may not be noticeable for sometime after. Porous wooden studding and insulation materials can absorb a lot of moisture behind the wallboard without being seen in the living area. Creepy crawlers and spiders are a pretty good indicator that the area is taking on moisture or water; they love a damp environment.
The B-Dry System incorporates a drainage system to drain any standing water below the floor surface and to reduce hydrostatic pressure. B-Dry Rigid Sealer is a permanent barrier between the insulation, studding and masonry walls.

Your basement remodeling job is off to a good start with B-Dry!
Remember, although you may be very anxious to start your remodeling basement job, it is more practical and less expensive to do the waterproofing "before" the basements finished off.
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