The B-Dry System

Basement Waterproofing

B-Dry foundation repair services include reinforcement of buckling or bowed basement walls, crack leak repairs and waterproofing systems installed. The B-Dry drainage system can help relieve hydrostatic pressure underneath the basement. Our unique Rigid Sealer for leaky basement walls can freely expand and contract with temperature changes and also with minor movement when foundations tend to settle.
Foundation cracks can occur of when heavy, wet soil presses in against the underground basement walls, forcing them to crack or buckle. Other conditions can also initiate failure of the masonry walls or floor. Backfilling during the initial construction can cause cracks if the large stones and boulders are not removed fro the backfill material.
Foundation crack repair and other foundation repair techniques involves a thorough cleaning of all the cracked masonry. The B-Dry drainage system is installed in conjunction with basement wall repairs to relieve the hydrostatic pressure. B-Dry's rigid wall sealer can easily span cracked wall defects and allow for a permanent waterproofing system.

B-Dry's proven drainage system is the perfect solution to repair foundation leaks.

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