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Professional Basement Sump Pump Installation

Sump pumps come in a wide variety of sizes and types. The type of unit and motor requirements depends on the size of the basement ,the frequency that leakage occurs and how much water volume comes in when it rains. Backup battery units are also available for power failures and are also available in many different configurations.
Pedestal sump pump units are built with the motor on top and are meant to keep all electrical components above floor level and out of the water. The main disadvantage of pedestal pumps is that the motors have no protection against water and will get wet on occasions when the power goes out and water leakage rises up above floor level. These units can also be louder when they run because the motor is above floor level.
Submersible sump pumps are permanently sealed and are meant to be submersed in water. Being submersed in water is actually beneficial because the cold ground water keeps the unit cool and running efficiently.

Our trained installers can use your existing sump to install a replacement unit. Our consultants can help you choose the unit that is best for your basement. We can install additional wells if you want a battery backup unit or in cases where your new product won't fit in your existing pump sump well.
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